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WSECU credit cards are offered to qualifying personal and business members/current account holders, and come with a wide range of various features and benefits. To learn more about WSECU’s personal credit card offers, please visit this webpage. Detailed information regarding WSECU’s business credit card offers can be reviewed here.

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Personal Credit Cards

Business Credit Cards

How to Apply

WSECU credit cards can be applied for online. A detailed overview of the online application process is in the below section (‘Online Application’).

Online Application

Follow the steps listed below to access WSECU’s online credit card application.

Note: Only current members of WSECU (or those who are eligible for membership) may apply for a credit card. Members need to have a WSECU online banking account to access the online application form.

Step 1 - On the credit card page, click the ‘apply for a credit card here’ link (outlined in the screenshot below). You will be redirected to the online application portal.


WSECU Online Credit Card Application Process – Step 1

Step 2 - If you already have an online banking account, sign in using the form on the right side of the page using your login credentials. If you do not already have an online banking account (and are a current member of WSECU) – enter your email and password into the form on the left side of the page (these login credentials are only for your online application, and do not apply to other online banking services). Click the ‘Start my application’ button to begin the credit card application.


WSECU Online Credit Card Application Process – Step 2

Step 3 - Enter the required information into the application form, carefully following all on-screen instructions.

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