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 WesBanco provides account holders with a host of treasury management services that include wire transfers. Both business and personal account holders can make domestic and international wire transfers. To apply for a wire transfer, you will need a routing number and a SWIFT code (for international transfers).

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Routing Number




Routing Number On Check

You can find the WesBanco routing number at the bottom left hand side of your personal or business checks as shown below.

wesbanco-routing-number on check

Routing Number on Check


How to Wire Funds

You can initiate a WesBanco wire transfer in person at a branch location or through internet banking. To learn more about WesBanco wire transfer and other treasury management services, click here.

To initiate an outgoing domestic wire transfer, you will need the following information:

  • Name of the beneficiary bank
  • ABA routing number of the beneficiary bank
  • Address of the beneficiary bank
  • Bank account number, name and full address or the recipient
  • Wire amount

Incoming wire transfers should have the following information:

  • Bank Name (WesBanco)
  • Routing Number (Given above)
  • Bank Address
  • WesBanco account details (Full name and account number)

For international transfers, a SWIFT/BIC code is required. Get in touch with the bank for intermediary bank details since WesBanco does not have a SWIFT Code.

Here is a breakdown of the WesBanco wire transfer charges:

  • $20.00/domestic outgoing-consumer
  • $15.00/domestic incoming
  • $50.00/international
  • $26.00/domestic outgoing-business
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