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Wells Fargo auto loan calculators are provided to enable users to quickly and accurately determine the various options available to them in regards to auto financing. To learn more about Wells Fargo’s vehicle financing options and policies, please follow this link.

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A detailed overview of both auto loan and refinance rates can be viewed on this webpage. For specific questions regarding auto loan rates, interested individuals can contact an auto loan specialist at 1(877)-590-7776.


How to Calculate

This calculator determines an approximate value for the monthly payments of an auto loan, based on the following inputs:

  • ZIP code
  • Select ‘used’ ‘new’ or ‘auto refinance’ for loan type
  • Term length (months)

Once the above inputs have been entered, press the ‘Calculate’ button to generate the results.

The auto refinance calculator determines how much money an individual may save by refinancing their auto loan, or how much money might be available to an individual who is interested in applying for a refinance loan. The following inputs are required:

  • Balance of current loan

  • Amount of cash extra cash needed
  • APR
  • Term length (months)

Press the ‘Calculate’ button located directly below the calculator, and the result (monthly payment amount) will be displayed.

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