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Qualified U.S. Bank account holders can apply for credit cards for both business and personal use. Applicants can opt for a myriad of small business credit cards or personal credit cards. Below is an illustration of the credit cards available.

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Personal Credit Cards


Business Credit Cards


How to Apply

Applying for a U.S. Bank credit card can be done online. Applicants are notified almost immediately whether their application was a success.

To apply, go to the business or personal credit cards links given above and select a card of your choice. Click on the “Apply Now” button. Thereafter, you can opt to “apply online” or “print and mail”.


Online Application

To start the application process, the applicant has to pick a card of their choice and click “Apply Now”.

  • Business Applicants

    U.S Bank Small Business Credit Card Application

    Business Credit Card Application

The applicant has to review and accept the bank’s terms and conditions for the credit card picked. They will then need to fill in the requested information about their business in the proceeding screens before submitting the application. Feedback should be received within minutes of the application.



The applicant has to open an Online banking account to proceed. If they do not, they will have to create one before proceeding. After logging into their account, they can opt to “print and mail” the application or “apply online”. After selecting “apply online”, the applicant will be required to provide their personal details as required.

*Application procedures may vary depending on the card chosen.





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