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Union Bank allows users to transfer funds online between Union accounts and from Union accounts to other banks.  An overview of Union’s online transfer options can be found here.

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Routing Number

  • 122000496

Swift Code

  • BOFCUS33

Routing Number On Check

Routing numbers are used by banks to identify and track money transfers. Banking customers need to know their routing number in order to set up direct deposits to their banking account as well. Your routing number is the left-most number on the bottom of the checks provided by your bank, as shown in the image below.

Sample check

Sample check

How to Wire Funds

To initiate a wire transfer, customers should log in to online banking and go to the ‘Schedule Transfers’ page. Next you should add the account to which you want to transfer money to your Transfer Accounts list. Then you can schedule a transfer by providing this information:

  • Amount to send
  • Transfer date
  • Whether transfer should be recurring

Transfers between Union Bank accounts should take between zero to one business days to complete. Wire transfers to external bank accounts can take up to three business days to complete. Customers can create and send up to five transfers at the same time by selecting ‘Add another Transfer’ on the ‘Schedule Transfers’ page.

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