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UMB Bank Mortgage Calculators can help an individual determine whether or not they should refinance their mortgage, the total cost of their mortgage loan, and how expensive of a house they might be able to afford. UMB Bank offers both fixed and adjustable-rate mortgages, click here, or call 1(800)-860-4862,  for more information regarding UMB Bank mortgage loans.

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For current rate information, interested individuals should either visit a branch location, get in touch with a customer service associate, or apply for a UMB Bank mortgage online.


How to Calculate

This calculator can be used to determine whether you should refinance your mortgage or not. Enter the following inputs into the corresponding entry fields within the calculator:

  • Current loan payment
  • Current loan interest rate
  • Number of months remaining on current loan term
  • Current balance of loan
  • New loan term length (months)
  • New loan interest rate
  • Closing costs, down payment, points
  • Cash out
  • Additional debt(s) to be refinanced

Click the ‘Calculate’ button for the results to load.

Determines the total cost of a loan (minimum monthly payment amount, total amount paid towards interest, and the cumulative payment amount). Enter the following listed variables into the appropriate fields within the calculator:

  • Total amount of loan
  • APR of mortgage loan
  • Monthly payment amount OR term length of mortgage

To view the results, click on the ‘Calculate’ button.

This calculator will determine how expensive of a house you might be able to afford. Enter the following inputs into the associated input fields within the calculator:

  • Amount of money saved for down payment
  • Estimated time until loan is paid off
  • Monthly mortgage payment amount
  • Estimated interest rate
  • Estimated closing costs

  • Origination rate of mortgage
  • Property tax rate
  • Homeowner’s insurance rate

Once the above information has been entered, click the ‘Calculate’ button to view the results.

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