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TrustCo Bank offers one mortgage calculator that is useful in helping determine payment information and specific loan details (amortization, amount paid in interest, etc) of a home equity loan/mortgage.

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For specific details regarding TrustCo Bank’s mortgage rates and other associated information, please click here. Interested individuals should also look at TrustCo’s mortgage website, which offers in-depth overviews of their various home equity offerings. Individuals can also inquire at a branch location, directly contact a customer service representative, or apply for a loan online.


How to Calculate

This calculator can be used to determine an approximate estimation of a mortgage’s monthly payments, based on the following inputs:

  • Total price of home (dollar amount)
  • Percent paid down
  • Term length (years)
  • Interest rate (annual)
  • Amortization and calculations (check for yes, leave blank for no)

Click the ‘Calculate’ button to view the results, and scroll down to view analyses of amortization and principal/interest details for each year of the term length.

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