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TrustCo Bank offers four personal credit cards, and two business credit cards to qualified applicants. Interested individuals can inquire using the form found on this webpage (scroll all the way down). To apply online, follow this link, select which card to apply for from the drop-down menus, and then click the ‘Apply Now’ button. To manage existing credit card accounts, users can use TrustCo’s online management website (users can also enroll on this website as well – click the ‘enroll now’ link located below the login form).

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Personal Credit Cards


Business Credit Cards

How to Apply

Interested individuals can inquire about/apply for a TrustCo Bank credit card via the following links:

Online Application

Applying for all of TrustCo Bank’s credit cards using their online application form is incredibly quick and simple. Users must enter the following information into the application form, and the click the ‘Submit’ button located at the bottom of the page to successfully submit their application.

  • Prefix (optional)
  • First name
  • Middle initial (optional)
  • Surname
  • SSN
  • DOB
  • Mother’s maiden name
  • Main phone number
  • Street address (residential)
  • Length of stay at current residence
  • Type of housing
  • US citizen/permanent resident (yes or no)
  • Name of current employer
  • Length of employment (at current workplace)
  • Select whether you have a checking/savings account (with TrustCo)
  • Annual income (gross)
  • Other income (annual)
  • Select other income’s source
  • Co-applicant information (only if applicable)
  • Balance transfer details (if applicable)


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