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TrustCo Bank provides one auto calculator for users to determine approximate values in regards to various auto loan details such as amounts paid towards interest, principal, monthly interest rate, as well as total amounts of payments made over the course of several years.

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For current rate information, interested individuals should apply at one of TrustCo Bank’s numerous branch locations, or get in touch with a customer service representative for more information.


How to Calculate

Use this calculator to determine payment information for an auto loan. This calculator uses the following variables to calculate results:

  • Purchase price of vehicle (dollar amount)
  • Down payment amount (percentage)
  • Term length (months)
  • Interest rate (annual)
  • Explain results (check for amortization and calculation details)

Once the above fields have been filled out, users can click the ‘Calculate’ button to view their results. A screenshot of the calculator and the results are provided below.

Screenshot of results

Screenshot of results


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