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TCF Bank offers its customers to set up money transfers using their online banking accounts. These transfers can be set up to be recurring or one-time, and users can set the the of their transfer ahead of time. For more about transfers and other information about TCF’s checking accounts, view TCF’s FAQ.

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Routing Numbers

Arizona 122106183
Colorado 107006444
Illinois 271972572
Indiana 271972572
Michigan 272471548
Minnesota 291070001
South Dakota 291070001
Wisconsin 275071385

Routing Number On Check

Routing numbers are the number that banks use to identify transfers. Customers need to provide their routing number to set up direct deposits to their bank account, or to set up automatic bill pay. Your routing number is located on the bottom left corner of the checks supplied to you by your bank, as demonstrated in the below picture.

Sample check

Sample check

How to Wire Funds

To initiate a transfer online, customers should first login to online banking. Next they should choose the Create Transfer page from the Transfer Center menu. Alternatively, customers can navigate to the Create Transfer page from the Payments menu. Once there, users will need to provide this information:

  • Account from which to transfer
  • Account to transfer to
  • Make this a recurring transfer y/n
  • Transfer amount
  • Date to transfer
  • Message (optional)

Detailed instructions on creating a transfer can be read here.

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