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Sunflower Bank offers money transfer/wiring service for both personal and business banking customers. Individuals interested in learning about Sunflower Bank’s money transfer services should call 1-888-827-5564 or visit a branch location.

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Routing Number

  • 101100621

Swift Code

  • NBFTUS33

Routing Number On Check

Routing numbers are codes that banks use to identify and track transfer of funds between accounts. Customers need to know their routing number in order in order to initiate a wire transfer, set up direct deposit to their bank account, and they may also need it to set up online bill pay. While Sunflower Bank’s general purpose routing number is the one listed above, your Sunflower branch may also use a routing number that is specific to them for certain purposes. To find you specific routing number, you should look for the nine-digit number located on the bottom left of the checks supplied by your Sunflower branch, below the memo line. This is shown in the image below:

Routing number is first 9 digits on the left

Routing number is first 9 digits on the left

How to Wire Funds

Personal banking customers should visit a branch location to be guided through the wire transfer process. Business customers can make transfers online using the SunNet Online Banking system. Typically, this information about the recipient is needed to wire funds:

  • Name
  • Name of financial institution
  • Routing number
  • Account number
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