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Sunflower Bank offers personal credit cards for qualified applicants, as well as a card for small business use. Additionally, a corporate Visa card is offered for larger business customers. Cards supplied by Sunflower Bank are provided by Visa. Sunflower Bank’s credit card home page is located here. A complete list of Sunflower Bank’s credit card offerings and services can be viewed here. You can view your Sunflower credit card account at, a third-party credit card service provider.

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All Sunflower Bank credit cards have no annual fee and a late payment charge of $19. More information about the features of the Sunflower Visa Gold, Platinum, and Business cards is viewable in this PDF.

Sunflower Bank does not process transactions that put its customers over their credit limit without customer authorization; the web form that allows customers to choose their credit limit overage policy is located at this webpage.

Personal Credit Cards

Business Credit Cards

How to Apply

There is no online application for Sunflower Bank Credit Cards. Customers who are interested in applying for a card from Sunflower Bank should call 1-888-827-5564 or visit a branch location to start the application process.



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