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Space Coast Credit Union credit cards are offered to both personal and business account holders/members of SCCU. To view all of SCCU’s personal credit cards please visit this webpage. SCCU’s one business credit card offer can be reviewed here.

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Personal Credit Cards

Business Credit Cards

How to Apply

SCCU personal credit cards can be applied for online. SCCU’s business credit card can only be applied for in-person at an SCCU branch location.

Online Application

To begin the online application process for one of SCCU’s personal credit cards, follow the steps listed below.

Step 1 - Go to the ‘SCCU Personal Credit Card‘ webpage.

Step 2 - Select which card you wish to apply for by clicking on that card’s blue ‘APPLY NOW’ button.

Step 3 - You will be redirected to the SCCU’s online application form. Select the ‘Loan’ option, and then the ‘Credit Card’ option from the list of choices.

Step 4 - Click the ‘Go to Loan Application’ link to be transferred to the credit card application form.

Step 5 - You will be redirected to SCCU’s online application form. If you are a current member of SCCU, enter your Login ID and password into the blank input fields and then click the ‘Next’ button. If you are not a current member of SCCU, select the ‘Not a Member’ option and follow the on-screen prompts as instructed on the SCCU website.

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