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Service Credit Union provides wire transfer services to all of its members, whether military or civilian. Interested members can learn more about wire transfers at this webpage. In addition to offering standard ACH payment processing and associated services, Service Credit Union also provides transfer services to civilian/military members located in Germany as well. Germany uses a BLZ (routing number) which is 54030011. This code is to be used for all transfers that are initiated from Germany or are going to Germany.

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Routing Numbers

211489656 (ABA)

54030011 (BLZ – German)

Routing Number On Check

Routing numbers are used by financial institutions as a way to  to electronically identify the transference of funds between accounts. The routing number(s) of a bank will always be located in the bottom left corner of a check, to the left of the account number, as seen in the image below.

Sample check - where to find routing number

Sample check – where to find routing number

How to Wire Funds

Depending on the type of transfer a member of Service Credit Union wants to initiate, the following steps must be followed:

Call 1-800-936-7730 (US) or 00800-4728-2000 (International) or contact Service Credit Union via fax or e-mail

  • Full name of sender
  • Bank account number of sender
  • Recipient’s full name and instructions
  • The amount intended to transfer
  • Signature of sender
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