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SEFCU mortgage calculators are offered to users to help them in making the most financially sound decisions in regards to a wide variety of personal finance issues. Specifically, SEFCU provides four home loan calculators that can be used to determine answers to common home financing questions and/or concerns.

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Interested individuals should apply for a loan online to view the most accurate rate information, however SEFCU provides approximate mortgage rate information as well as other details regarding their home financing options on this website.


How to Calculate

This is a tool that can be used to analyze an individual’s home financing budget, and provide information that can be used to enhance one’s approach to securing various types of home financing. The following details must be entered into the calculator:

  • Monthly net income details
  • Monthly net income details (of spouse – if applicable)
  • Mortgage/debt information
  • Utilities (expenses)
  • Food/other expenses
  • Insurance costs
  • Maintenance, childcare, medical fees, etc.

The calculator will automatically generate results as the variables are altered. Users can also click the ‘Calculate’ or ‘View Report’ buttons (located directly above the calculator) as well.

This calculator can be used to help a person create a customized savings plan for the down payment of a home purchase. Alter the following variables within the calculator:

  • Total cost of home (upon purchase)
  • Down payment amount
  • Total amount currently in savings
  • Estimated return rate
  • Years planning on saving

Results will automatically be generated and displayed as the inputs are changed. If results are not displaying, users should click the ‘Calculate’ or ‘View Report’ buttons to see what their down payment savings goal is.

Consolidating one’s debt can be a difficult decision to make because of all the various factors involved. This calculator determines what an individual’s monthly payment would be under a loan that has been consolidated. Enter the following:

  • Credit card debt details (option for more than one card)
  • Installment loan details (auto, boat, RV, education, etc)
  • Interest rate
  • Term length
  • Upfront fees/expenses
  • Savings rate
  • Points
  • Tax rate (income)
  • Type of loan (personal, home equity)

The results are automatically displayed as the variables are altered, however users can also click on the ‘View Report’ or ‘Calculate’ buttons located at the top of the calculator.

Similar to the other debt consolidation calculator, this tool determines whether consolidating a loan (mortgage) is the right decision to make, based on the following variables:

  • Credit card debt details (option for more than one card)
  • Vehicle loan debt information
  • Installment/other loan debt information
  • Repayment term
  • Loan amount (home equity)
  • Payment
  • Interest rate

Users can click the ‘Calculate’ or ‘View Report’ buttons (located directly above the calculator), however the calculator will automatically generate results as inputs are entered.

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