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SEFCU auto loan calculators offer users a quick and simple way to determine whether they should lease or buy a vehicle, or take out a home equity loan for vehicle financing.

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Although an individual should apply for a loan in order to receive current rate information, an overview of SEFCU’s rates can be found on this webpage.


How to Calculate

This calculator is used to determine whether leasing or buying a used/new vehicle is the better option. The following inputs must be filled out within the calculator:

  • Purchase cost
  • Down payment amount
  • Tax rate (sales)
  • Investment rate of return

Although this calculator will automatically generate results when one of the above variables are altered, users can also click the ‘Calculate’ or ‘View Report’ buttons to view their results.

Used to calculate how much potential money can be saved by using a home equity loan for vehicle financing rather than a traditional auto loan. Benefits include lower interest rates and interest that is potentially tax deductible. The following fields must be filled out:

  • Total purchase cost (prior to taxes)
  • Term length (months)
  • Interest rate (auto loan)
  • Interest rate (home equity)
  • Closing costs (home equity)
  • Tax rate (federal)
  • Tax rate (state)

The calculator will automatically display results as the above variables are changed. Users can also click the ‘Calculate’ or ‘View Report’ button as well.



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