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PNC Bank offers tools online to help decide what auto financing choices are best for you. An overview of PNC’s auto financing options can be found here.

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Your auto loan rates depend on a wide variety of factors, including your zip code, your loan term, and your down payment. To find the average rates for your zip code, click here and enter your loan type and location in the boxes provided. For more information about PNC’s auto loan rates, call 1 (888) 370-7344 or visit a branch.


How to Calculate

This calculator estimates how much your monthly loan payments will be based on the value of the car you are buying. To obtain results, enter:

Auto calculator

Auto calculator

  • Purchase price
  • Cash rebate
  • Value of your trade-in
  • Amount owed on your trade-in
  • Down payment
  • Loan term (months)
  • Interest rate

Hit ‘calculate’ to see what your monthly payments will be.

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