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NatWest Bank operates in the United Kingdom therefore it does not employ a routing number. Alternatively, NatWest uses SWIFT, IBAN, NICC and BIC codes for easy and hassle free international/domestic transfers. IBAN and BIC codes are used by UK-based financial institutions for domestic transfers/transactions. IBAN and BIC numbers are displayed at the bottom of a bank’s statement, along with information such as the account number, sort code and branch address. For more information regarding NatWest’s specific international transfer protocols, please follow this link.

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Swift Code


How to Wire Funds

NatWest Bank provides transfer services at all of their branch locations, as well as through their online banking system. To learn more about their wire transfer and services, please contact a customer service representative at this number (01534 282850). In order to successfully submit a wire transfer, an individual should have the following information ready to process:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Street address
  • Account number
  • IBAN, NCC or BIC code (if applicable)
  • Amount of money to be transferred
  • SWIFT code
  • Other details as required by the sending/receiving institution

Note: The majority of international transfers will require a SWIFT code. Additional details/information may be required by the receiving or sending financial institution, based upon their own security and transfer protocols.

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