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NatWest Bank credit cards are available to qualified individuals, and may be applied for online or in person at a branch location. To speak with a customer service representative, follow this link.

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Personal Credit Cards


How to Apply

Potential applicants can apply for and obtain additional information regarding these credit card offers via methods listed below. If applying online, there are several steps that must be successfully completed in order to fully process an application.

Online Application

Applying for one of NatWest Bank’s credit cards online can be done by using one of the above links. Applicants must first select which card they wish to apply for, and then click on the ‘Apply Now’ button. Once users are on the application page (a screenshot of this page can be seen below), the following details (in addition to financial history data and other required information) must be filled out:

  • Title

    Credit card application page screenshot

    Credit card application page screenshot

  • First name
  • Middle name (if applicable)
  • Surname
  • Select whether known by an additional name
  • DOB
  • Status of relationship
  • Number of financial dependents
  • Street/house number or name
  • Country of residence
  • Postal code
  • Date of initial stay at current residence
  • Current UK resident (yes or no)
  • Residential status
  • Nationality
  • Email address
  • Mobile telephone number
  • Home or work number
  • Type of employment
  • Source of main income
  • Agree to the personal data terms/policy
  • Continue to the next step – financial history
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