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The NatWest Bank auto loan calculator offers users a quick and simple way to estimate various facets (specifically the APR and total amount paid) of auto loans that are offered by NatWest.

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Interested individuals should apply online to receive current rate information (actual rates are dependent on a variety of factors), however generalized rate details can be viewed on the bank’s car loans webpage.


How to Calculate

Representative APR is the rate that is applied to a large percentage (approximately 50%) of loans of a particular size. These rates are purely representative of the current market and do not apply to specific/personal circumstances. Almost all lenders will use personalized rates upon processing a loan, based on a variety of factors and personal/financial circumstances. This specific calculator determines the total amount payable, monthly payments, as well as the fixed interest rate and representative APR for an auto/personal loan offered by NatWest. A screen shot of this calculator can be seen below. The following inputs are required:

  • Check if calculating for a home improvement loan (leave blank if not applicable)


    Representative APR screenshot

  • Desired amount of loan
  • Desired term length

The calculator will automatically generate results (these results will display to the right of the input fields).


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