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M&T bank provides an encryption protected online banking account with tools that help users manage their checking, CD, savings, lending, credit card and money market accounts on the go. Users can view their detailed transaction and balance information, transfer funds between accounts, make mortgage, credit card and loan payments and receive statements.

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  • For help with online banking accounts, call 1-800-790-9130 for personal accounts and 1-800-724-6070 for business accounts.

Online Login

Step 1 – Go to the login page and enter your login credentials. These are your User ID and passcode. Click “Log in”.

M&T Enroll Online Login

Step 2 – Answer security question to verify your ID to complete the sign in process.


Help with your: User ID – To recover a lost User ID, call customer service at 1-800-790-9130.

Help with your: Passcode – This page will require one to enter their User ID and Social Security Number.

M&T Passcode recovery

Mobile Apps

M&T Bank customers can access their accounts through their mobile phones. They have apps for both Android and iOS. Account holders also have the option of using Mobile Text Banking.



 M&T Mobile App 1  M&T Mobile App 2  M&T Mobile App 3
 M&T Mobile App 4  M&T Mobile App 5


Enroll in Online Banking

Step 1 – Go here to start the process of enrolling. Select the type of account you want to enroll with – personal, business or both.

M&T Enroll Online Step 1

Step 2 – Enter your M&T debit card or credit card number. If you don’t have either of the two, you can use your bank account details.

M&T Enroll Online Step 2

Step 3 – Provide any other details required to complete the application. If you have a debit or credit card, you can start using your account within minute. If you do not, you will have to wait up to 4 business days. Business applicants need to open a checking account with the bank to enroll for online banking.


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