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M&T Bank provides account holders with a number of money transfer services. These include ACH payments and international/domestic wire transfers. The details of these services can be viewed in greater detail here. For queries regarding payments and wire transfers, one can send an email or call customer service on 1-800-724-2240

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Routing Number

  • 022000046 New York State
  • 052000113 Washington D.C, West Virginia Maryland, and Virginia
  • 031302955 Delaware and Pennsylvania



  • MANTUS33

Routing Number On Check

M&T Bank’s ABA routing number is found at the bottom left hand corner of the check. This number is based on the branch location you opened your account. The illustration below shows the ABA number as it appears on the check.

Routing Number on Check

Routing Number on Check


How to Wire Funds

For an account holder to wire funds to a domestic or international bank account, they must visit their local branch office. The ABA of the recipient account and the swift code (if it is an international wire transfer) will be required along with any other information required by the receiving bank.. A domestic transfer costs $30 while an international transfer costs $45.

To wire money to a M&T account, the following will be needed:

  • Name of beneficiary
  • Account Number
  • ABA – 0555
  • Swift (for international transfers)
  • Routing number



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