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Michigan First Credit Cards are offered to qualified personal and business applicants. To learn more about Michigan First’s personal credit card offers, please follow this link. Potential applicants can also visit Michigan First’s dedicated personal credit card website for a detailed overview of their offers. For information regarding the credit union’s business credit card offer, please click here. Note: These credit card offers and applications are processed via a third-party website (24×7 Loans – a company that processes the credit card applications and services of countless credit unions throughout the United States), not directly on Michigan First Credit Union’s website.

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Personal Credit Card

Business Credit Card

How to Apply

Interested individuals can inquire about Michigan First’s credit card offers over the telephone, or at a branch location. Online applications are also available via the following links:

  • Personal – Online | Telephone -1(800)-664-3828 | Branch
  • Business Online | Telephone -1(800)-936-3828 | Branch

Online Application

Applying for one of Michigan First’s credit card offers online is much quicker than doing it in-person at a branch location. Users are required to enter personal data, in addition to sensitive financial history information. A screenshot of what the online application webpage looks like can be seen below. The following details are required:

  • Select the application type (individual or joint)

    Credit card application screenshot

    Credit card application screenshot

  • SSN
  • Member number (if applicable)
  • Type of loan applying for
  • Purpose of the loan
  • Amount of loan/credit line
  • Email address
  • Enter email address again
  • How did you hear about Michigan First
  • Click continue (enter remaining information)
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