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Metro Bank personal and business account holders can apply for a credit card. The credit limit on the card varies depending on the applicant’s credit scoring. You can get more details about personal credit cards here. Click here for business cards.

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Personal Credit Cards



Business Credit Cards



How to Apply

You can only apply for Metro credit cards at your local store.  You can get all the information you need for your application online to make the process easier.


Online Application

To apply for a credit card, you have to visit a local store near you. For a personal credit card, you have to open a credit card account. Click here for details on account opening. For a business credit card, you will need to open a Metro Bank Business Account.

Metro Bank credit cards attract a low interest rate of 13% APR. The minimum monthly payment towards your credit card is £20 or 5% of your monthly balance, whichever is greater.  For more information on personal credit cards check out the credit cards terms and conditions. For more information on business credit cards check out Business Credit Card Important Information Summary.


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