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The Liberty Bank routing numbers allow an individual to transfer money from one account to another through a wire, direct deposit, or through a money transfer. The number is nine digits and can be used by anyone. Liberty Bank is located only in the state of Connecticut, hence, there is only one routing number applicable for all banks in the state i.e. 211170282. You can use this routing number to transfer money and have a hassle free transaction.

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On Check 

See the sample check image below to know where a routing number is placed on a check. This routing number is different for every state but in case of Liberty Bank it is same as the bank has offices only in the state of Connecticut.


Routing Number on Check - Liberty Bank

Routing Number on Check – Liberty Bank

How to Wire Funds 

The same process is to be followed to wire funds to a domestic or overseas account. You can use the Liberty Bank online wire module which helps in safe and fast transfer of USD funds in just a day. You also have the privilage of scheduling payments beforehand when making outgoing transactions. For incoming transactions, no other process is to be followed – the same standard process remains.

The following information is required to wire funds –

  • Name and address of recipient
  • Routing number
  • Account number of recipient
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