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Liberty Bank provides a wide scope of home loans based on your income and various other factors like affordability, refinance and the major difference between purchase and renting. The variable that determine your financial capabilities have all been covered in their home equity loans. You can easily find something to suit your requirements and enjoy the benefits that come with it.

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The Liberty Bank website gives you their current rates on this webpage but if you want an exact rate you can call at their helpline number – (888) 570-0773 or walk into a location because loan rates might vary from case to case and it is better if you present your case and then get the exact quotation. You can also call have a rough idea of what the rates are by seeing their website though the best ones you can get in person only.

Mortgage Calculator 

Liberty Bank provides this calculator on their website. Type in the following income information in order to determine how much of a loan the applicant may be able to pay per month for a mortgage;

  • Highest Payment the Applicant may Afford
  • Monthly Insurance (along with other costs)
  • Downpayment
  • Term of Loan
  • Interest Rate

The applicant has the option of seeing the Payment Schedule and the Payment Schedule with tax Benefit if desired by checking the boxes. Once all the information is entered the ‘COMPUTE’ button should be clicked.


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