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Johnson Bank credit cards are offered to eligible personal and business customers, and come with a wide array of varying features and benefits. For a complete overview of all of the personal credit cards offered by Johnson Bank click here. The three business cards offered by Johnson Bank can be viewed on this page. Use the links provided below for more information on each of Johnson Bank’s credit cards.

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Note: Johnson Bank is partnered with Elan Financial Services, America’s largest credit card issuer and service provider (over 5,000 financial institutions in the U.S. use Elan for various credit card services. Online applications are submitted and processed via Elan’s website and NOT Johnson Bank’s website).

Personal Credit Cards


Business Credit Cards

How to Apply

Both personal and business credit cards can be applied for online (use the links provided above and click the ‘Apply Now’ button for your card of choice). Credit cards can also be applied for in-person at a branch location. If you have specific questions regarding the online credit card process, or one of the credit cards offered by Johnson Bank, get in touch with a customer service representative.

Online Application

As previously mentioned, Johnson Bank uses Elan Financial Services (America’s largest credit card issuer) to process all online applications. To begin an online application for a Johnson Bank credit card, please follow the directions listed below.

Step 1 - Choose your personal or business credit card that you want to apply for on this page (for personal cards) or this page (for business credit cards) by clicking on the ‘Apply Now’ (outlined in red in the screenshot below) or ‘Learn More’ buttons.


Step 2 - You will be transferred to the Elan Financial Service’s Johnson Bank online application website. Again, click on the ‘Apply Now’ or ‘Learn More’ buttons to be transferred to that specific card’s application form.


Step 3 - Once on your credit card’s online application form page, you can begin entering your personal information into the input fields. Once all of your information has been entered, click the ‘Submit’ button at the bottom of the form to finish the online application process.


(Note: you must accept Elan’s terms and conditions before submitting your application).

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