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Independent Bank provides a routing number which can be used for a hassle free transaction. This routing number if needed to conduct incoming and outgoing wire i.e. fund transfers. Though the routing number is very easy to use but if you need any assistance then you can contact them or walk into a location for immediate help.

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Routing Number 

As Independent Bank operates one in one state, they have just one routing number which is their transit routing number. You can use this number to wire funds to anywhere in the world and it is essential to know this routing number while transferring funds.

072402652 – transit routing number (available)

Routing Number on Check (Sample)

Here is how a routing number looks on a check at the bottom left corner of it (sample only – the routing number for Independent Bank is different). This routing number tells you the place/state and helps you transfer funds easily.

Routing number on check

Routing number on check

How to Wire Funds

The sender can wire funds through their online banking system which consists of their website and mobile applicationand if there’s any problem you can contact 800.355.0641. Following information needs to be known by the sender –

  • Name and address of recipient
  • Routing number
  • Account number of recipient
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