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Independent Bank Auto Loan Rates and Calculators are a fast and straightforward way for users to check potential interest rate information (rates) and other factors that can help them decide on the type of vehicle they can afford to purchase or lease. In some cases, the individual may have to directly apply for a loan to find the exact rates.

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An individual can easily get the current rates that the bank is functioning on or one can directly apply for a loan.

Auto Loan Rates - Independent Bank

Auto Loan Rates – Independent Bank


The Independent Bank provides only one calculator – Amortization Calculator, which is commonly called as the ‘loan calculator’. Any individual can use the loan calculator to figure out the rates. You can also avail a printed copy of the report generated for future reference.

Amortization Calculator 

Amortization Calculator  allows you to view the amortization schedule on your loan or mortgage. Follow the steps given below to get the desired result (accurate and specific) –

  • Enter the principal balance and interest rate in the top fields.
  • Next, enter the term (number of months) in the below field.
  • Click on the ‘Calculate’ button.

If you want to calculate a payment, then follow the given steps –

  • Enter the payment number in the bottom field.
  • Leave the rest of the fields empty.
  • Click on the ‘Calculate’ button.

Amortization Calculator (Independent Bank)

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