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ICICI Bank offers several different transfer services to its customers based on individual needs and preferences. Wire transfers can be initiated online using ICICI Bank’s ‘Power Transfer‘ service. The ‘Power Transfer’ service takes a maximum of 48 hours to complete a transfer, and is the recommended option for sending money to India from the United States or other countries. Because ICICI Bank is an Indian Bank, it does not use routing numbers for transfers. IFSC codes are used for Indian transfers between accounts, the list of ICICI Bank ISFC codes can be found here. ICICI Bank uses JP Morgan Chase and Bank of America as its U.S.-based intermediaries (also known as correspondent banks) for transactions that require an ABA routing number.

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Routing Numbers

  • 021000021 (JP Morgan Chase)
  • 026009593 (Bank of America)


To view your country’s specific intermediary bank/associated SWIFT code, go to this webpage. Scroll down to the ‘Wire Transfer/SWIFT Details’ section and select your currency from the drop-down menu. The SWIFT code you will need to use for transactions with this currency will display in a popup message.


How to Wire Funds

To initiate a wire transfer online, use the ‘Power Transfer‘ service. You will need to have a registered Money2India account in order to use this service. Follow these steps to successfully complete a wire transfer (incoming to ICICI Bank) via the ‘Power Transfer’ service:

  • Sign in to online banking
  • Choose ‘Power Transfer’ as the transfer method
  • Either add your bank account, or select it (if already added)
  • Choose an existing recipient or add a new one (name, address, bank account number, etc.)
  • Enter amount (INR) to send
  • Enter the purpose of the transfer
  • Print the ‘Remittance Instruction’ from the verification screen, and take these instructions along with the funds to be transferred to your local bank for them to initiate the wire transfer.
  • The bank will process the transfer, and wire the funds to ICICI Bank via one of ICICI’s correspondent banks.



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