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ICICI Bank offers numerous personal credit cards to qualified applicants, each card having its own specific features and benefits. All of the personal credit cards provided by ICICI Bank can be reviewed in-depth on the Personal Banking Credit Card webpage.

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Personal Credit Cards


How to Apply

Individuals can apply for an ICICI Bank credit card either online, or in person at a branch location. If you have specific questions regarding the application process, customer support personnel can be reached via the Customer Care page.

Online Application

Credit Card Application Process Screenshot

Credit Card Application Process Screenshot

On the main credit card webpage, applicants can begin the online application process by clicking the ‘Apply Now’ button next to their card of choice. Once the ‘Apply Now’ button has been clicked, applicants will be transferred to ICICI’s online application form. Enter your basic information into the input fields, and then click on the ‘show eligible cards’ button at the bottom of the page. Once your information has been process, you will be given a selection of cards to choose from, and can continue the application process by providing additional personal/financial history details. On the first page of the application, you need to enter the following basic information:

  • City you currently live in
  • Date of birth
  • Existing JetPrivilege member (yes or no)
  • Employment type
  • Company
  • Monthly net income/salary
  • Select whether you have an ICICI account
  • Select whether you have an existing credit card
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