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The ICICI Bank auto loan calculator is provided to users to help them in calculating the EMI (equated monthly installment) for a specific loan. An overview of the car loans offered by ICICI Bank can be viewed here.

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Although loan interest rates depend on a variety of different factors, representative rates can be viewed on this webpage. For more detailed rate information, interested individuals can apply for an auto loan via ICICI’s online car loan application. Applicants can also use the eligibility form to see how much of a car loan they might be able to qualify for.



How to Calculate

This calculator can be used to determine the EMI (equated monthly installment – a payment that’s used to pay both interest and principal) for a car loan. Adjust the calculator’s sliders for the following inputs:

  • Loan amount
  • Interest rate
  • Term length (months)

As the inputs are adjusted, the results will automatically update. Hovering your mouse over the balance graph will provide additional details regarding the balance amount and interest accumulated (for the specific date that is being hovered). Users can also click the ‘Apply Now’ located above the calculator, to be transferred to ICICI’s online car loan application webpage.

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