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IBC Bank offers account holders wire transfer services, both international and domestic. You can initiate payments easily and quickly as a wire transfer is the fastest way to move money between financial institutions. A wire transfer is particularly convenient for handling large amounts of money. To initiate a wire transfer, call an IBC representative or visit a branch location near you.

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Routing Number

  • Commerce Bank – 114909903
  • Laredo – 114902528
  • Zapata – 114912709
  • McAllen – 114917623
  • San Antonio – 114013284
  • Port Lavaca – 113105025
  • Brownsville – 114911580
  • Corpus Christi – 114912275
  • Houston – 113000861
  • Austin – 114902528
  • Eagle Pass – 114902612
  • Oklahoma – 303072793



Routing Number On Check

The IBC Bank routing number appears at the bottom of the check on the extreme left as shown below.

Routing number on check

Routing number on check

How to Wire Funds

IBC Bank facilitates same day wire transfers from wherever you are.  You can initiate the wire transfer through Online Banking or by visiting a branch near you. The following information is required to initiate a wire transfer:


  • Name of beneficiary and originator
  • Account number of beneficiary and originator
  • Currency
  • Street address of both the beneficiary and originator
  • Bank name of the beneficiary
  • ABA Routing Number of the beneficiary – this only applies to domestic transfers
  • SWIFT Code of beneficiary’s bank – this only applies to international transfers




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