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IBC Bank Mortgage Calculators help users determine whether taking out a mortgage is a good idea given their financial situation. They also help determine the best loan terms for a mortgage applicant. For inquiries about IBC Bank mortgage products, talk to a customer service rep at 1-866-601-2884, send an email or visit a local branch.

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Applicants can get an estimate on their mortgage rate by completing the check rates form. The actual rates will be confirmed after your application is approved.


How to Calculate

The monthly payments calculator helps users to determine the monthly payments they will pay for a given mortgage amount, interest rate and loan term. The following entries are required:

  • Mortgage amount
  • Interest rate
  • Term (years)
  • Property taxes (Annual)
  • Home insurance (Annual)

Click “Calculate” to view the payments.


This calculator helps users compare the cost implications of a 15 year mortgage and that of a 30 year mortgage. The 15 year mortgage is usually cheaper in the long run but costs more in monthly payments. The following entries are required:

  • Mortgage amount
  • Marginal tax rate
  • 15 year Interest rate
  • 30 year Interest rate

Click “Calculate” to compare the two mortgage terms.



This calculator helps users determine whether refinancing their mortgage makes financial sense. The variables below are needed for computation:

  • Original loan amount
  • Appraised value
  • Original interest rate
  • Term in years
  • Years remaining
  • Income tax rate

Click “Calculate” to compute.



This calculator helps applicants determine how much saving they would make on interest by increasing the monthly payment amount.  The following entries are required:

  • Years remaining
  • Original mortgage amount
  • Original mortgage term
  • Annual interest rate
  • Additional monthly payment


Click “Calculate” to determine how much you will save.


This financial calculator helps loan applicants to determine which between renting and buying a home is the better option.  The entries below are required:

  • Purchase price
  • Interest rate
  • Term in years
  • Property tax rate
  • Home insurance
  • & maintenance fees
  • Down payments and closing costs
  • Rent taxes and inflation


Click “Calculate” to compare.



This calculator helps users determine whether debt consolidation is the right option for them before taking out a mortgage. The following entries are needed:

  • Credit card debt
  • Auto loan debt
  • Other loans & installment debt
  • New consolidated loan
    • Loan balance
    • Payment
    • Interest rate
    • Term

Click “Calculate” to compare.


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