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Huntington Bank offers online bank-to-bank wire transfers domestically. It also offers international wire transfers for business customers.

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Routing Number

You can find out your routing number by checking the third and fourth numbers of your account number and then following this chart. If you wish to initiate a wire transfer to Huntington, the routing number is 044000024.

Swift Code

  • HUNTUS33

Routing Number On Check

Your routing number, which banks use to track and identify wire transfers, can be found on the bottom-left of check supplied to you by your bank. The routing number as shown on checks from Huntington is displayed below.hcheck

How to Wire Funds

Personal banking customers can wire funds online by logging in to online banking and then selecting ‘Bank-to-bank transfer’ from the Transfers tab. Once there, customers will need to provide this information:

  • Email address
  • Amount to transfer
  • Account to transfer from
  • Account to transfer to
  • Date to begin the transfer process

Click ‘Confirm’ to send the transfer.

How to Wire Internationally

Business customers who wish to learn how to complete international wires should visit a branch to inquire. They can also call 1 (877) 480-4685 to talk to International Direct or email Transfers can be initiated at a branch, on the phone, or online.

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