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Harris Bank offers qualified members credit cards for both personal and business use. To get a detailed overview of the personal credit cards available for members, follow this link. For more on the small business credit cards on offer, click here. Below is an illustration of the credit cards available.

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Personal Credit Cards









Corporate Credit Cards




How to Apply

To apply for a Harris bank credit card, one has to be a member. Application is done through the Online Banking platform. Applicants have to enroll for Online Banking before they can apply for a card of their choice. Alternatively, applicants can call customer service on 1-855-622-6933 if they are unable to apply online. Business applicants have to apply at a location near them.

Online Application

To apply for a credit card, the account holder first needs to select a card of their choice from the links listed above. Clicking on “Apply” takes them to a new page where they have to create an Online Banking account or log into an existing one.

After the applicant has logged in, they should click on the “Product & Services” tab. They should then click on “Apply”, then select a card of their choice. After providing all the required details, the bank should let them know whether their application was successful.

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