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The GTE financial routing numbers and swift codes are located on the bottom left-corner of every check issues by the bank institution and is required for conducting a bank wire.

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  • Routing – 263182794
  • Swift Code – GTE Financial does not currently have a swift code. To conduct an international wire go to a branch location.

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How to Wire Funds

  •  Incoming

Use the following information when conducting a wire going to a GTE Financial bank account holder;

  • Address – GTE Financial, 711 E Henderson Ave Tampa, Florida 33602
  • Telephone Number – 1.813.871.2690
  • Routing Number – 263182794
  • Full Name of Account Holder
  • Bank Account Number – Also listed on the bottom of the account holder’s check.

A wire may be process online (through your account), by telephone (1.813.871.2690), or by going to a branch location.

  • Direct Deposit

If the individual would like to setup a direct deposit they should give one of the following forms to their employer.

  • Outgoing

Outgoing wires should contain the following information;

  • Account Holder’s Name
  • Address of the Bank including City & Country
  • Recipient’s account number or SWIFT* Code
  • Recipient’s Name and Address
  • IBAN and BAC for all European transfers
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