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The GTE Financial home loans offers an individual the options of viewing many variables such as how much they may find for an interest rate in addition to calculators to figure amounts needed in order to decide a home.

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An applicant may get rates from the Daily Rate Sheet as it offers updated daily interest rates.


To have a selection of all the mortgage calculators go to This Webpage.

How to Calculate

  • DownPayment Calculator – The following will show the mortgage differences by entering amounts various amounts.

Step 1 – Enter the purchase price, annual property taxes and insurance.

Step 2 – Select up to three (3) different down payments.

Step 3 – Enter the Mortgage Information including;

  • Type (Fixed/ARM)
  • Term
  • Interest Rate (%)
  • Discount Points
  • Closing Costs


Step 1 – Enter the amount wished to be borrowed.

Step 2 – Enter the variables for the other loans including;

  • Type (Fixed/Arm)
  • Term (in Years)
  • Interest Rate
  • Discount Rate

After the details are entered on the right hand side of the page will the details be listed comparing Total Interest Paid, Monthly Payment, and the time to Pay off the Mortgage.


Step 1 – Enter the individuals monthly income including

  • Gross Wages
  • Investment Income
  • Child Support/Alimony
  • Other Income

Step 2 – Monthly Debt

  • Auto Payments
  • Credit Card Payments
  • Child Support/Alimony Payments
  • Other Debts

Step 3 – Mortgage Information

  • Annual Interest rate (as a Percentage)
  • Loan Term (in Years)
  • Annual Property Taxes
  • Annual Property Insurance

After completing on the right hand side of the page a ‘Home Affordability’ table will appear and show an estimation of other expenses to be factored into the maximum purchase price for the applicant.

Click the calculate button and receive the differences on the right side of the page.


  • Mortgage Payment Calculator – Often the most popular as it shows the monthly amount the purchaser will make on the mortgage after entering generic loan information.

Step 1 – Enter the following;

  • Loan Amount
  • Mortgage Type (Fixed Rate/ARM)
  • Mortgage Term
  • Interest Rate
  • Discount Points (Percentage)
  • Origination Points
  • Closing Costs

Step 2 – Property Information

  • Years before Selling of Refinancing
  • Yearly Property taxes
  • Yearly Property Insurance

Click the ‘Calculate’ button to view the results.



There are three (3) main ways to apply;

  1. Telephone -Toll Free 1.888.871.2690 – Hillsborough County 1.813.871.2690
  2. Branch Location
  3. Online – Follow the steps to apply online for a home loan;

Step 1 – Go to This Webpage.


Step 2 – What type of loan are you looking for?

  • Purchase
  • Refinance
  • Construction
  • Home Equity

It then will ask a question pertaining to your selection.

Step 3 – The applicant must provide the following information and a representative from GTE Financial will get back to them;

  • First Name, Last Name
  • Current Address
  • Prefer to be Contacted by: Email/Phone
  • Best Time for Contact
  • Additional Comments

After inputting all the required information the applicant should click the ‘Submit’ button on the bottom of the page.


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