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Genisys Credit Union only offers credit cards to qualified personal and business members of the credit union, or individuals who meet the requirements for membership. For an overview of the personal credit cards offered by Genisys please click here. More information regarding the business credit cards offered by Genisys can be found here.

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Personal Credit Cards

Business Credit Cards

How to Apply

Both personal and business credit cards can be applied for online, or at a branch location. Answers to specific questions or concerns regarding these credit card offers can be answered by a financial service representative over the phone at (800-521-8440, ext. 5).

Online Application

To begin an online application, users must first select which card they want to apply for via the links listed above. By clicking on the ‘Apply Now’ buttons found on the credit card details webpages, users will be taken to a new Genisys website, where they must click on the ‘Credit Cards’ link (found in the section titled ‘Apply Now’).  In order to begin filling out an application, applicants must be members of Genisys, or meet the credit union’s membership requirements. Applicants who meet the membership requirements, or are already members of Genisys, can begin their application by clicking the ‘New Application’ button (as outlined in the screenshot below). The following listed information is typically required on most credit card applications:

Genisys Credit Card Application Requirements

Genisys Credit Card Application Requirements

  • First name
  • Middle initial
  • Surname
  • SSN
  • DOB
  • Mother’s maiden name
  • Email address
  • Street address
  • City
  • State
  • ZIP code
  • Main telephone number
  • Length at current address (in years)
  • Housing type (own, rent, other)
  • Housing payment amount (monthly)
  • Current employer
  • Business phone number
  • Annual income (gross)
  • Checking account balance
  • Savings account balance
  • Investment account balance
  • Authorized user details (if applicable)
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