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First Niagara mortgage calculators help those applying for a mortgage understand the implications of the loan terms and what works best for them. This allows applicant to choose between the different fixed rate mortgages offered by the bank. They can even call the bank at 1-877-731-4646 to talk to a mortgage consultant. For more information regarding First Niagara mortgage products, click here.

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Those applying for a mortgage can get an estimate of the loan rate here. The loan rate varies based on a number of factors. To get the actual rate, start the application process or visit a branch location.  To apply, you will go through 8 simple steps. These are getting the relevant documents, getting pre-approved, applying, appraisal, loan processing, underwriting, clearing and finally closing.  To keep abreast with the mortgage rates, subscribe to First Niagara Rate Watch. After you subscribe, you will get an email notification when the rates reach your goal.

First Niagara Mortgage Rates


How to Calculate

This calculator helps users determine what mortgage terms work best for them. The following entries are required:

  • Mortgage loan amount
  • Number of months
  • Annual interest rate
  • Desired amortization schedule
  • Annual property taxes
  • Sale price of property
  • Monthly private mortgage insurance
  • Annual hazard insurance

Click “Submit” to compute.

This calculator helps users determine whether refinancing their mortgage loan makes sense. The following entries are required:

  • Current loan balance
  • Number of months remaining
  • Annual interest rate
  • Annual interest rate on new mortgage
  • Loan origination fee
  • Number of months
  • Other fees/discount points

Click “Submit” to compute.


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