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The First National Bank auto loan calculators offer a user the ability to compare and contrast different forms of auto financing that the bank offers. These calculators are designed to help you make the best financial decision in regards to financing your new or used vehicle.

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An individual may have to apply for these loans online  in order to view a complete summary of available financing options and/or detailed interest rate information.

Auto Calculators

Compare a New and Used Vehicle Calculator – Used to compare the average annual cost, monthly payment, depreciation values, and interest rates between new and used vehicles. The following five variables must be entered into the calculator in order to return a value:

Click the ‘CALCULATE’ button and you will receive your financial comparison between used/new vehicles.




Compare Financing and Cash Calculator – This calculator is used in order to compare the benefits and drawbacks of either paying with cash or through financing. The following information is what should be entered into the required fields:

Once these variables have been entered into the calculator, press the ‘CALCULATE’ button and you will see your results displayed directly below.



Compare Home Equity Loan and Vehicle Loan Calculator – This calculator compares the monthly payment costs and total interest paid between vehicle loans and home equity loans. You are required to enter the following variables:

Once these fields have their required data, you may press the ‘CALCULATE’ button, and your results will be displayed directly below the calculator.


Compare Keeping a Vehicle or Buying a New Vehicle Calculator - By entering the following required information, users will be able to assess whether buying a new vehicle or keeping their current one is a more economical decision. A user must enter the following data:

After a user has entered their information into these required fields, they may then press the ‘CALCULATE’ button located beneath the calculator, and the calculator will display which options makes the most financial sense.


Compare Purchasing or Leasing a Vehicle Calculator – This calculator compares financial information between purchasing or leasing a vehicle. A user is required to enter the following information:

Once the required fields have been filled in with data, the user may then press the ‘CALCULATE’ button in order to view the comparison between purchasing or leasing a vehicle.


Compare Rebate and Dealer Financing Calculator – Used to calculate how much money an individual will save by utilizing rebates and special dealer financing options. The following fields are required and must be filled out in order for the calculator to process your data.

  • Low interest rate
  • Regular interest rate
  • Cash rebate
  • Term (in months)
  • Purchase price

After inputting the required data, press the ‘CALCULATE’ button. The calculator will return how much money an individual will save by using a rebate.


Compare Two Vehicle Loans Calculator – This calculator is used in order for an individual to compare the relative costs of two loans to one another. Users are required to enter the following data:

  • Purchase price
  • Interest rate
  • Term (in months)

After these fields have been filled out, the user may click on the ‘CALCULATE’ button and your loan information will appear directly below the calculator.


Estimated Auto Loan Calculator – Using this calculator, a user is able to find out the maximum cost of a vehicle they can purchase or receive a loan for. The following three fields are required:

  • Down payment
  • Interest rate
  • Term (in months)

Once all of these fields have data entered into them, press the ‘CALCULATE’ button near the bottom of the calculator.


Estimated Depreciation Calculator – Users may utilize this calculator to determine the estimated depreciation for a vehicle over an expressed time or length. Three variables are required:

  • Purchase price
  • Vehicle age (in years)
  • Planned length of ownership (in years)

Clicking on the ‘CALCULATE’ button will return an estimated value for how much an individual’s vehicle may depreciate over five years.


Monthly Payment Calculator – By entering individualized data into the following three fields, a user can determine the approximate costs per month for a new or used vehicle.

  • Purchase price
  • Term length (in months)
  • Interest rate

In order to get the estimated loan amount and monthly payment costs, click on the ‘CALCULATE’ button and the results will be instantly returned directly below the calculator.


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