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Educational Employees Credit Union provides their members with one routing number that is used for all domestic forms of electronic transfers between other financial institutions. EECU is not currently connected to the SWIFT network (for international wire transfers), however international transfers may still be possible via an intermediary bank. An overview of the wire transfer process, along with various service details (fees, etc.) can be viewed below under the ‘How to Wire Funds’ section. Members of EECU should get in touch with a member services representative, or visit a branch location for more detailed information regarding EECU’s wire transfer protocols.

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Routing Number

  •  321172594


  • Not directly connected to SWIFT network.

Routing Number On Check

Locate your EECU routing number on one of your personal/business checks. ABA routing numbers will always be located in the bottom-left corner of a check, located directly to the left of the account number. A sample EECU check can be seen below, with the location of the routing number outlined in black.

EECU Routing Number - Where to Find on Check

EECU Routing Number – Where to Find on Check

How to Wire Funds

EECU provides its members with various low-cost transfer services, including incoming and outgoing domestic wire transfers.

The following information is needed to initiate an outgoing domestic wire transfer:

  • Name of financial institution funds will be wired to
  • Routing/transit number of receiving financial institution
  • Full address of receiving financial institution
  • Name of recipient
  • Bank account number of wire recipient
  • Amount to be wired

EECU Wire Transfer Fees:

Fees are disclosed at time of transfer and are dependent on the circumstances of the transfer. Contact a member services representative or visit an EECU branch office/location for a detailed overview of the wire transfer process and associated fees.


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