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Dollar Bank provides numerous online banking/mobile transfer services to its personal and business account holders including internal account transfers, ACH payments, wire transfers, bill payments, etc. The online service that personal customers can use for the majority of transfers is called ‘Person-to-Person.’ Dollar Bank uses their own routing number for domestic transfers/payments, and a SWIFT code for international funds transfers.

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Routing Number

  • 243074385



Routing Number On Check

Your specific Dollar Bank routing number can be located on the bottom-left corner of a Dollar Bank check, to the left of the account number. A sample check with the routing number location outlined can be seen below:

Dollar Bank Sample Check

Dollar Bank Sample Check – Where to Find Routing Number

How to Wire Funds

There are several ways to initiate a wire transfer with Dollar Bank. You can do so in person at a branch location, via online banking with the ‘People-to-People’ transfer service, or through Dollar Bank’s ‘CashANALYZER‘ mobile application (for business account holders with pre-authorized wire transfers). Domestic wire transfers cost $18, international wire transfers cost $20 ($40 for non-recurring outgoing wire transfer).

For outgoing wire transfers you will need the following information:

  • Bank name of recipient
  • Bank address
  • Recipient’s full name as it appears on their account
  • Recipient’s account number
  • Your account number at Dollar Bank
  • Amount to be wired
  • Specific delivery instructions
  • Other details as required by the beneficiary

If you have specific questions regarding Dollar Bank’s wire transfer services/protocols/for more detailed information, please get in touch with a customer support representative

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