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Dollar Bank auto calculators allow users to determine how large of an auto loan they might be eligible for, how much monthly loan payments will be, their potential interest savings from transferring a loan to Dollar Bank, and their debt-to-income ratio.

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Dollar Bank offers fixed rate auto/vehicle loans. Rates depend on an applicant’s financial history and/or current circumstances, however representative rates can be viewed on this webpage.

Note: before viewing rate information, you may be required to enter your ZIP code.



How to Calculate

This calculator will determine how large of an auto or personal loan an individual might be able to qualify for. The following variables are required, enter them into the appropriate fields within the calculator:

  • Term length in months
  • APR
  • Total annual income
  • Total monthly debt
  • Current amount of debt you want to consolidate

Once the above information has been entered into the calculator, click on the ‘Calculate’ button for the results webpage to load.

Estimates the monthly payments for a loan based on the following inputs:

Click on the ‘Calculate’ button to generate the results.

Transferring a loan from one financial institution to another (Dollar Bank) can sometimes equal increased savings in terms of interest paid on a loan. Enter the following information into the appropriate fields within the calculator:

  • Amount of transfer from other financial institution
  • Current APR

Once the ‘Calculate’ button is clicked, the results will load.

This calculator determines an individual’s debt-to-income ratio by using the following variables:

Enter the above variables into their respective entry fields on the calculator, and then click the ‘Calculate’ button.






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