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DFCU Financial auto loan calculators allow users the ability to gain a more comprehensive understanding of the financing options available to them in regards to obtaining a loan on a used or new vehicle.

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Although individuals will have to apply in order to receive up-to-date auto loan rate information, typical rate estimations can be viewed on DFCU’s auto loan rates webpage.


Auto Calculators

New or Used – Used in order to determine which option makes the most fiscal sense; financing a new vehicle or a used one. The following variables must be entered for both the new and old vehicle:

  • Interest
  • Loan term (months)
  • Down payment
  • Length of ownership (years)
  • Maintenance expenses (monthly)
  • Insurance costs (monthly)
  • Registration fees
  • Purchase price
  • Age of vehicle (years)
  • Savings interest rate
  • Federal and state tax rate
  • Depreciation (low, average, high)

Click on the green ‘Get Your Results’ button in order to generate results, and users may click between the ‘INPUTS’ and ‘RESULTS’ tabs in order to view more details about their estimations.


Payment Totals – This calculator generates the total loan amount and the monthly loan payment based on various factors such as purchase price, down payment, and interest rate. Enter the following variables:

  • Purchase cost
  • Rebate (cash)
  • Trade-in value
  • Trade-in amount owed
  • Down payment
  • Loan term (months)
  • Interest rate

Click the ‘Get Your Results’ button for the calculator to compute the various payment totals for a vehicle loan.

Vehicle Loan Comparison – Used to compare between two vehicle loans by computing the following variables:

Upon clicking the green ‘Get Your Results’ button, users will be presented with which loan will cost them the most money.

Home Equity or Vehicle Loan – By using this calculator, individuals are able to compute how much more or less a home equity loan will cost them versus a vehicle loan. Enter the following information into their respective fields:

  • Purchase cost
  • Down payment
  • Loan term (months)
  • Auto interest rate
  • Home equity interest rate
  • Home equity loan upfront fees

  • Federal and state tax rates
  • Savings interest rate
  • Rate change (predicted)

Once a user has entered their specific details into the calculator, they may click the ‘Get Your Results’ button.

Rebate or Special Dealer Financing – Enter the following variables into the calculator to compare between rebates and special dealer financing options:

Click on the green ‘Get Your Results’ button for the calculator to automatically display its computations under the ‘RESULTS’ tab.

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