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Commerce Bank offers business and personal clients both domestic and international funds transfer services. If you are receiving a wire transfer into your Commerce Bank account, you will need the routing number for domestic transfers and SWIFT code for international transfers. For help regarding wire transfers call customer service at 1-800-453-2265, send an email or visit a branch location.

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Routing Number


Routing Number On Check

The Commerce Bank routing number can be found at the bottom left hand corner of the check.

Where to Find Routing Number on Check

Where to Find Routing Number on Check

How to Wire Funds

To initiate a wire transfer, one has to hold an account with the bank. You can initiate a transfer by visiting a local branch. It is not possible to set up a wire transfer through online banking.  You will be required to provide the following information:

  • Beneficiary/Originator name
  • Currency
  • Beneficiary/Originator Account Number
  • Beneficiary/Originator street address (No O. Boxes allowed)
  • Beneficiary bank name
  • Beneficiary bank ABA Routing Number (Domestic)
  • Beneficiary bank SWIFT Code (International)
  • Any other information required by the beneficiary bank

After initiating a wire transfer, allow up to 5 days for the money to get to the beneficiary. The time frame largely depends on the destination country and the number of intermediary banks involved in the transaction.  For fee information on both domestic and international transfers, get in touch with your local branch.



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