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Columbia Bank provides several different transfer services to its account holders, including domestic and international wire transfers. For business customers interested in conducting international transfers and payments, please click here for a detailed overview of the various international banking services offered by Columbia Bank.

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Routing Number

  • 125108272


  • PNBPUS3NNYC (intermediary)
  • COLBUS66 (beneficiary)

Routing Number On Check

You can locate the routing number of any bank on one of their personal/business checks. The number will always be located in the lower-left corner, to the left of the account number. A sample check (with the position of the routing number outlined) is below:

Columbia Bank Sample Check - Where to Find the Routing Number

Columbia Bank Sample Check – Where to Find the Routing Number

How to Wire Funds

Business account holders can initiate wire transfers online via Columbia Bank’s online business banking service. One of the easiest ways to setup a wire transfer online is by using the ‘templates’ feature. The most common template for domestic transfers is the ‘Fed Wire’ template. The online interface allows users to also initiate a single wire transfer (no-template required), view the status of a wire transfer, and also review/approve of incoming or outgoing wire transfers. In-depth instructions (in PDF form) detailing how to perform all of these actions via the online interface, can be read at this link. For answers to specific questions regarding wire transfers, please get in touch with a customer service representative. A domestic/international wire transfer FAQ is also available here. For domestic transfers using the ‘Fed Wire’ template, the following details are required:

  • Amount of the wire
  • Currency (USD)
  • Value date (date the wire is going to be sent)
  • Debit account (select which account to debit)
  • Receiving bank ABA/ID
  • Name of receiving bank
  • Address of receiving bank
  • Beneficiary bank ID/ABA (if applicable)
  • Beneficiary bank name (if applicable)
  • Beneficiary account number (if applicable)
  • Name of wire recipient
  • Address of recipient
  • Additional details/reference for recipient (optional)
  • Your account number (required)
  • Your account name (required)
  • Your address (required)

How to Wire Funds (Internationally):

Initiating an international wire transfer is somewhat different than a domestic transfer. The easiest way to perform this type of transfer online is by using the ‘Foreign Currency’ template. The following details will be required to successfully initiate a transfer when using this template:

  • Columbia Bank contract number (only if transfer is over $5,000)
  • Amount of currency (in USD)
  • Currency (USD)
  • Sending currency
  • Exchange rate
  • Foreign currency amount
  • Value date (MMDDYYY – no more than one day in advance)
  • Debit account number (select from drop-down menu)
  • Receiving bank ID
  • Receiving bank ABA
  • Name of receiving bank
  • Address of receiving bank
  • Intermediary bank ID type (SWIFT, BIC, ABA)
  • Intermediary bank ID
  • Intermediary bank name
  • Address of intermediary bank
  • Beneficiary (foreign) bank ID type (SWIFT or BIC, or blank)
  • Beneficiary bank ID
  • Beneficiary bank name
  • Address of beneficiary bank
  • Account of beneficiary (recipient)
  • Name of recipient
  • Address of recipient
  • Your account number (requesting party)
  • Your name on account (requesting party)
  • Your address (requesting party)


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