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Citizens Bank offers domestic money transfer services through Popmoney, a system that allows users to send money to other people online using just an email or phone number. An overview of Citizens Bank’s payment and transfer services can be found at this page.

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Routing Number

A guide to finding your Citizens Bank routing number can be found here.

Swift Code

  • CTZIUS33

Routing Number On Check

Banks use routing numbers to track transfer of funds between different accounts. Customers need to know their routing number to set up direct deposit to their checking counts and also to initiate certain kinds of payments. Your routing number is located on the bottom left of the checks supplied by your bank, as shown in the image below.check_image_ctz

How to Wire Funds

To send money to other people using Popmoney, customers will first have to login to online banking. Next they will have to select ‘Popmoney’ from the ‘Transfers’ tab and provide this information:

  • Name of person to transfer to
  • Email address of recipiewnt OR
  • Cell phone number of recipient
  • Personal message (optional)

A complete tutorial on how to use Popmoney to send funds can be found at this webpage. Questions about Citizens Bank’s transfer services can be answered at 1-800-656-6561.

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