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Citizens Bank offers credit cards for both personal and small business use. Citizens Bank credit cards are all supplied by MasterCard. To compare Citizens Bank’s credit card options, you can visit this page. Customers can also get information about Citizens Bank’s credit card offerings by calling the credit card customer service line at 1-888-333-5145.

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Personal Credit Cards


Business Credit Cards

How to Apply

Customers can apply for citizens bank credit cards online, over the phone, or at a branch location.

Online Application

In order to apply for a Citizens Bank credit card online, customers first need to click on either the Personal or Business link above. For personal cards, customers should select their preferred card and click the ‘Apply Now’ button. Business customers should click the ‘Act Now’ link on the top right corner of the information page for the business credit card. Customers will then have to agree to the online terms and conditions for credit card applications. Next, they will have to fill out the following information to apply for a card:citcard

  • Personal Information
    • First name
    • MI
    • Last name
    • Suffix
    • SSN
    • Date of birth
    • Mother’s maiden name
    • Home phone
    • Cell phone
    • Email
  • Mailing address
    • Street number
    • Street name
    • Street type
    • Apt. #
    • Rural route #
    • PO box #
    • City
    • State
    • Zip
    • Time at current address
    • Current living situation
  • Residential address (if mailing address is not residence)
  • Authorized Additional User
    • First name
    • MI
    • Last name
  • Financial Information
    • Monthly housing payment
    • Annual income
    • Employer
    • Business phone
    • Time at Current Employer
    • Employment Status

Click ‘Submit’ to complete the application.



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