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CEFCU accepts nearly all forms of ACH (Automated Clearing House) transactions, all of which can be applied towards an individual’s CEFCU checking, savings, My Save Certificate, Insured Money Market, Santa Saver, and My Use accounts. For all ACH transactions, the routing number must be used in addition to other pertinent account details.

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Routing Number

  • 271183701 (ABA)


  • CHASUS33

Routing Number On Check

Routing numbers are used by banks to initiate and complete electronic transfers between accounts and/or other financial institutions. Routing numbers are always located in the bottom left corner of a check, to the left of the account number, as seen below.check

How to Wire Funds

Domestic – Individuals can initiate a wire transfer by either calling the bank’s customer service line, or by going to a branch location (member center). The following details are required in order to successfully initiate, process and complete a wire transfer:

  • Full Name
  • Street Address
  • Bank Account Number
  • Bank Routing Number
  • Other account/institution details (when applicable)

International - CEFCU uses a beneficiary bank (JP Morgan Chase) as a financial intermediary for all international wire transfers. For more details please visit this link.

Fees: For a domestic wire transfer, CEFCU charges $25, for all forms of international wire transfers, the charge is $50. If an individual has specific questions regarding transfers, they should contact a service representative.

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